iPhone 8 Plus/ 7 Plus Transparent Air Cushion Protector Bumper Case With Ring Holder

  • $7.99

With the help of ring, you don't have to worry about dropping your phone on your face while you laying in bed at night anymore.
One customer said: “I really like the ring & this one fits nicely in my hand, leaving my hand free to carry other items, without fear of dropping my phone.”
It can also be used as a mobile phone support. You can use your iphone with the help of stand for some point at work or during your lunch time.
Another customer said:”The ring on the back doubles as a stand and a hanger when in public bathrooms if you do not have a bag or purse to place your phone when using the bathroom.”
Built-in magnets plate make it easier for people with cars to control messages while driving.
The phone case integrate your iPhone with your car perfectly.

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