Tempered Glass Privacy Screen Protector For iPhone 6/6s*

  • $15.00

-Way Privacy
Anti-Glare PRIVACY tempered glass screen protector is designed to reduce viewing angles from left/right to just 120-degree.

5-Protection Layer 0.26mm Shatter-Safe Tempered Glass
Glass is 0.26mm, one of the thinnest anti-spy tempered glass screen protectors built with 5 layers of protection and coating. If broken, the PRIVACY screen protector will not shatter into sharp pieces, making it safer compared to other glass products.

9H Hardness
Glass is a chemically strengthened 9H hardness screen protector that is three times stronger than traditional PET ?film. The thermal resistance screen protector is engineered with strength and safety in mind.

2.5D Round Edge
The rounded corners of the Glass are uniquely crafted and designed to prevent chipping at the edges of the screen protector.

1-Touch Installation
With just one touch, the anti-static self-adhesive layer of the tempered glass screen protector ensures an easy and bubble-free installation.

Lyophobic and Oleophobic Layer
The abrasion resistant material guards against scratches, smears, dust, dirt, and fingerprints. The screen protector is designed to provide outstanding protection without affecting the responsiveness of your display.

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