SCOSCHE 2600 PBC71R GoBat 3-in-1 12V USB Car Charger with 2600 mAh Portable Pack

  • $25.00

The GoBat 3-In-1 USB high-speed car charger and 2600 mAh portable battery pack with a built-in strobe/LED flashlight is the ultimate charging solution by Scosche. The perfect complement to you’re on the go lifestyle: deliver a fast charge speed to your mobile device in the car while recharging the portable battery pack, then take your GoBat along with you so you can charge your smartphone or tablet while on the go, or use the built-in flashlight/safety strobe to help you see at night or grab attention in the case of an emergency. Get up to 2 full charges with the powerful 2600 mAh portable battery pack. Charge the portable battery pack using either the vehicles 12V power port or via the micro-USB input. The GoBat PBC71R 3-In-1 12V by Scosche charges all USB devices such as smartphones, tablets, cameras, MP3 players, and more.

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